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Board of Directors

President & Member at Large  – Aaryn Vivian

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Vice President & Secretary – Peter Czimmermann
Club Treasurer – Catherine Alderson

Member at large – Darcie Kerr

Stadium Ops:

In 2013, I went to my first Whitecaps match when a friend invited me to tag along. I hadn’t been a ‘soccer person’ before this and had no idea what to expect. Our tickets were in the Southside and instantaneously fell in love with the atmosphere and enthusiasm of the group. Since then I’ve taken part in the marches, dedicated myself to cheering our Whitecaps both away and at home; inspired our team by creating and painting banners, have been involved with stadium setup, and have taken part in many other fun activities as a Southsider insider.

If you’re interested in being part of any of this fun stuff, please feel free to contact me. We’re going to having a great 2018 and I can’t wait to meet everyone at different supporters’ events!


Member at large – Brendan Beynon



Ombudsman – Aidan Rantoul 


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