We are a supporters group for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. Southsiders stand, sing and above all else support the players on the field. We are open to fans of any age, and welcome all who wish to join us. We are vehemently against, and will not tolerate, violence and bigotry.

Who we are

It should go without saying, but here it is anyway: we are a supporters group. While there are many ways to be a fan our members support the team in stadium with organized singing and visual displays. If you’ve ever been a player at any level you know what it means to have energetic and dedicated supporters behind you. We are those supporters. We love the Whitecaps and support the team.

Participation at every level

In an era of passive consumerism and modern football, our ethos is active participation.

Our members join in songs together, leave no flag unwaved, and encourage others around us to do the same at home and away matches. We welcome and encourage participation at every level: through making songs, preparing and cleaning up our section, designing and producing tifo, attending our events, and promoting our activities. We want to be a creative outlet for our members to find powerful ways to express their pride in our city and their devotion to our club.

All are welcome

We are open and welcoming to anyone who wants a place to stand and support with passion. We are explicitly anti-racist, anti-homophobic and anti-sexist, and aim to make and maintain an atmosphere of respect with uncompromising commitment.

What we ask of you

We encourage all Southsiders to help us build our presence and grow the group. The more active members we have the better we can support our team. Introduce new people to supporters culture. Do everything you can to make sure they return and participate.

Do things together for the team

We do things en masse to make an impact, create an exciting atmosphere, and to let our team know we are here for them. We are not a group of individuals, but rather a group of people sharing a common goal and purpose: to be the loudest presence in the stadium backing the players on the pitch. We do this through collectively purchasing seats as close together with other members as possible – preferably in our GA section though we have many members throughout BC Place. Supporting the Whitecaps is magical when we are singing together and being a part of something bigger than our individual selves.

Lead from the heart, lift the team when they’re down, celebrate our victories together

Soccer is about passion and the Vancouver Southsiders are a group that thrives on passion.  When the team is struggling we lift their spirits. When they win we celebrate our victory in the stands until our players have left the pitch.

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